Message from the President

Dear NC-CCIM Chapter Members,

January 1, 2022

We are back! Not only did we survive 2021 but we thrived. So many of you that I talked to said 2021 was an incredible year. Transaction volume was up and people within our industry were thriving. So, let’s keep that momentum going in 2022. As an organization, we are slowly, but surely, getting back to normal from a global pandemic.

So, what is the focus for 2022? Well, when I was working to become a CCIM designee, the three key mantras of the CCIM Institute were drilled into my head. These are Networking, Education and Technology. This year we plan to continue to focus on these three areas and more importantly be an organization that serves you, it’s members. 


Not only are local markets starting back up with local networking events, but we are back, with an in person NC-CCIM Statewide Market Forecast. I am forever grateful to both Charlie Ellis, CCIM and Travis Carter, CCIM for agreeing to co-chair this committee and I am excited to welcome each of you on February 16th for not only a keynote from CCIM Institute Chief Economist, KC Conway, CCIM, MAI, CRE but also a panel discussion from three past presidents that are legends within their respective markets. In addition, we have planned a networking event the night before, so come up to Greensboro, spend the night and come prepared to take away vital information from this not to miss event. And if it couldn’t get any better it does, our state is honored to be the host of this year’s CCIM Institute Spring Governance Meetings in Charlotte, NC. Mark your calendars now for April 8th, 2022 where we will host a chapter networking event for those attending at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. As soon as registration is live for you to purchase a ticket, please do so, as you won’t have a better opportunity to network with fellow CCIM’s from not only the region but nationwide and globally. 


The NC-CCIM Chapter prides itself on being able to offer all four core courses in order to obtain the CCIM designation. My gratitude to Philip Corriher, CCIM for continuing to make CCIM education a priority. We plan to expand our educational offerings with STDB classes and a new tenant representation class. These are both early in the year (January) so make sure to register today. We will continue to assist candidates who are seeking to gain their designation and hope to see a large class of new designees in Charlotte, NC.


Technology is constant evolving and at a rate that we can’t keep up with. My hope this year is to bring practical solutions through personal experience combined with STDB training that I mentioned above. As CCIM designees we have a relentless number of tools available to us, but only a few of us are proficient. My hope is to change that and get you as members comfortable with the tools that we have.

In closing, I would be remiss if I didn’t take an opportunity to thank those before me in this role. Each president before me has led this organization to be better, and I strive to do the same. I am truly blessed and honored to serve as your 2022 NC-CCIM Chapter President. We have an incredible staff who keeps all of this chaos in line, please join me this year in thanking them, especially Page Stroud and Mike Barr for their effort’s week in and week out. I am grateful to the executive committee and the remainder of the Board of Directors. I feel that as a board we continue to get better with each new class. As your President, I am available with any questions or concerns. I welcome your feedback and will work to get any issue raised to the correct person

Now let’s go, fight and win (Appalachian State pun for you all) – 

James Milner, CCIM

2022 NC-CCIM President